2 Thessalonians 1/4: So that we ourselves glory in you in the churches of God for your patience and faith in all you persecutions and tribulations that ye endure:

Other Missionary Baptist Churches and Associations

This list is by no means complete, and is in continuous review for accuracy and completeness (webmaster)

Missionary Baptist Associations

Barren River Missionary Baptist  Association                        Kentucky

Bethel Missionary Baptist Association                                  Indiana

Big Bear Creek Missionary Baptist Association                     Alabama/Tennessee

Enon Missionary Baptist Association                                   Tennessee

Polk County Missionary Baptist Association                         Missouri                         

Siloam Missionary Baptist Association                                 Kentucky/Tennessee              

Wiseman Missionary Baptist Association                              Kentucky/Tennessee

Southwest District                                                              West Tennessee


Missionary Baptist Churches

Anchor                                                                              Anchorage, Alaska

North Star                                                                         Eagle River, Alaska

Mt Zion                                                                            Cape Coast, Ghana, Africa

Harvest                                                                             Danville, IL

Bethel                                                                               Indianapolis, IN

Fellowship                                                                         Indianapolis, IN

KoKoMo                                                                          KoKoMo, IN

Craighead Old Timey MBC                                                Craighead, Jamaica

Warsop                                                                             Warsop, Jamaica

New Hope MBC                                                                Mombasa, Kenya, Africa

Mine Creek                                                                       Pleasanton, KS

Scottsville                                                                          Scottsville, KY

Caney Fork                                                                       Barren County, KY

Sexton Fork                                                                       Cumberland County, KY

Hillsdale                                                                            Franklin, KY

Lyon's                                                                              Louisville, KY

Fountain Run                                                                     Monroe County, KY

Drakes Creek                                                                    Simpson County, KY

Three Springs                                                                    Warren County, KY

Fairview                                                                            Warren Country, KY

Fairview Memorial                                                             Warren County, KY

Old Union                                                                         Warren County KY

Faith                                                                                 Detroit, MI

Grace                                                                                Detroit, MI

Athens                                                                              Toledo, OH

Hauser                                                                              North Bend, OR

New Zion                                                                          Bloomington Springs, TN

Marlsboro                                                                         Bruceton, TN

New Life                                                                          Church Hill, TN

Hope                                                                                Coffee County, TN

Gladice                                                                             Gladice, TN

Bethlehem                                                                         Goodlettsville, TN 

Huntington                                                                        Huntington, TN

Lafayette                                                                           Lafayette, TN

Antioch                                                                             Macon County, TN

Brattontown                                                                      Macon County, TN

Hilltop                                                                               Macon County, TN

New Harmony                                                                   Macon County, TN

Rocky Mound                                                                   Macon County, TN

Siloam                                                                              Macon County, TN

Landmark                                                                          Memphis, TN

Mt. Juliet                                                                           Mt. Juliet, TN

Murfreesboro                                                                    Murfreesboro, TN

Faith                                                                                 Nashville, TN

Gateway                                                                           Nashville, TN

McFerrin                                                                           Nashville, TN

Rayon City                                                                        Nashville, TN

New Zion                                                                          Putnam  County, TN

Greenfield                                                                         Robertson County, TN

Old Paths                                                                          Smyrna, TN

Defeated Creek                                                                  Smith County, TN

Mace's Hill                                                                        Smith County, TN

Mt Tabor                                                                          Smith County, TN

Plunket's Creek                                                                 Smith County, TN

Buffalo Springs                                                                  Sumner County, TN

Concord                                                                            Sumner County, TN

Cedar Grove                                                                      Sumner County, TN

Emmanuel                                                                         Sumner County, TN

Harvest                                                                             Sumner County, TN

Hendersonville                                                                   Sumner Country, TN

Landmark                                                                         Sumner County, TN

Liberty Hill                                                                        Sumner County TN

Old Hopewell                                                                    Sumner County, TN

Pipers Chapel                                                                    Sumner County, TN

Rock Bridge                                                                      Sumner County, TN

Salem                                                                               Sumner County, TN

Sulfur Fork                                                                        Sumner County, TN

Union Hill                                                                          Sumner County, TN

Victory                                                                              Sumner County, TN

West End                                                                          Sumner County, TN

White Hill                                                                         Sumner County, TN

Dixons Creek                                                                    Trousdale County, TN

Goodwill                                                                           Trousdale County, TN

Rocky Grove                                                                     Wilson County, TN